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 NEWS! October 19, 2018 Let's start with some honesty: I completely forgot I had created this new page! So it has been a while and I have a lot of news: First of all the feature film "Wake" that includes my animations premiered a few days ago at the Heartland International Film Festival! It was such a great opportunity to work on this project, it was a very different project and a great creative challenge. The movie is going to be shown at film festivals all around the US, so keep following the film at! Aside from this, I finished multiple explainer videos Like this one and this one A lot my animations were for App developers. Tech start-up and app creators are always great clients to work with! They are people full of ideas and excited about the future! Further on I have worked for a year with Carson City Parks Recreation and Open Space, creating numerous videos and animations and other design and website projects. It was a great opportunity to expand my skills in design live action video. I have also started teaching stop-motion animation classes, both personally and in collaboration with The Discovery Museum. I taught a class at their Summer Camp. I love seeing children get excited about the wonders of animation and have a character they designed and build come to life! Currently, I am working with Envirolution, Envirolution is an nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and providing curriculum and resources for teachers in K-12 education centered around energy efficiency, sustainability, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) career development. I working on animation, video, design, branding, website and much more for an extended amount of time. I love working for Envirolution because this nonprofit fills a super important need in the country (world). They are working on making sure that the next generation is educated and ready to make this world more sustainable! I am so excited to be a small part of this mission! Aside from this work I am working on developing an interactive animation for The Discovery Museum in Reno. This animation is still in the early stages so I can't give much more information about this. These are busy and exciting time for CMH Animation, and I promise more regular updates will start showing up on this website! May 18 2017 Welcome everyone to my new part of the website in which I will keep you up to date about the news of my business. The biggest news is that CMH animation relocated to Reno, Nevada! I am very excited about this new city full of new opportunities, a whole city full of new potential explanation animations! This doesn't mean I will not be making, animations, explainer video's, and other animated video's for clients in San Antonio, anywhere else in the United States and anywhere else the world. After having such an incredible experience at the shared workspace Geekdom in San Antonio. I went and found a similar place in Reno. So I am now a member of Reno Collective They are a collaborative workspace, with about 100 members, a little smaller then Geekdom, but I already made some exciting connections and have some great projects coming up. You will read about those in the next new item! The animation project I am working on right now is really exciting! It's not an explainer video, but a animation that is going to be used in a feature film. I working for a filmmaker called Cyrus Mirakhor . He gave me a lot of creative freedom and I got to create my own creative style to work in! I am super excited to show you all the work when it's done!